From the Near Eastern nation of Thavnair comes a troupe of bewitchingly graceful performers. Though certainly elegant and beautiful, their movements also speak of martial discipline─of a pulsing, persistent energy whose rhythm can inspire souls and soothe troubled hearts. Inured to the hardships of the road, these dancers have learned to land throwing weapons with the same exacting precision as their footfalls, removing any who would obstruct the endless beat of the dance.

Job Actions

  • Cascade
  • Fountain
  • Windmill
  • Standard Step
  • Reverse Cascade
  • Bladeshower
  • Fan Dance
  • Rising Windmill
  • Fountainfall
  • Bloodshower
  • Fan Dance II
  • En Avant
  • Curing Waltz
  • Shield Samba
  • Closed Position
  • Devilment
  • Fan Dance III
  • Technical Step
  • Flourish
  • Saber Dance
  • Improvisation
  • Emboite
  • Entrechat
  • Jete
  • Pirouette
  • Standard Finish
  • Single Standard Finish
  • Double Standard Finish
  • Technical Finish
  • Single Technical Finish
  • Double Technical Finish
  • Triple Technical Finish
  • Quadruple Technical Finish
  • Ending

Role Actions

  • Second Wind
  • Arm's Length
  • Head Graze
  • Foot Graze
  • Leg Graze
  • Peloton

General Actions

  • Auto-Attack
  • Limit Break
  • Sprint
  • Return
  • Teleport

Cross Hotbar Settings: Auto-switching for Battle

How to set your Cross Hotbars in Controller Mode to auto-switch to a combat hotbar when entering battle stance.

If you play in Controller Mode, you can set your Cross Hotbars to automatically switch to a different Hotbar whenever you go into battle stance. This frees you up from having to manually switch to the correct hotbar every time you're coming in and out of combat.