Far across the rolling waves, towards the rising sun, there lies the island nation of Hingashi.

In the distant past, the realm's great lords vied for supremacy over its sea-girt confines in a long and bloody conflict. And taking to battle in their lieges' names were noble swordsmen whose art was forged in the crucible of war: the samurai.

Eventually, the nation was unified under one banner, and these warriors came to wield their katana not upon fields as part of an army, but upon streets as protectors of the peace.

But as a neglected blade grows dull with rust, so too do men forget their purpose. Amidst waning memories of the old ways, a determined few hold fast to their convictions, hands by katana grips, awaiting the moment for steel to sing.

Job Actions

  • Hakaze
  • Jinpu
  • Third Eye
  • Enpi
  • Shifu
  • Fuga
  • Gekko
  • Iaijutsu
  • Mangetsu
  • Kasha
  • Oka
  • Yukikaze
  • Meikyo Shisui
  • Hissatsu: Kaiten
  • Hissatsu: Gyoten
  • Hissatsu: Yaten
  • Merciful Eyes
  • Meditate
  • Hissatsu: Shinten
  • Hissatsu: Kyuten
  • Hissatsu: Seigan
  • Hagakure
  • Hissatsu: Guren
  • Hissatsu: Senei
  • Ikishoten
  • Tsubame-gaeshi
  • Shoha
  • Tenka Goken
  • Midare Setsugekka
  • Hissatsu: Chiten
  • Hissatsu: Soten
  • Kaeshi: Goken
  • Kaeshi: Setsugekka

Role Actions

  • Second Wind
  • Bloodbath
  • True North
  • Arm's Length
  • Feint
  • Leg Sweep

General Actions

  • Auto-Attack
  • Limit Break
  • Sprint
  • Return
  • Teleport

Cross Hotbar Settings: Auto-switching for Battle

How to set your Cross Hotbars in Controller Mode to auto-switch to a combat hotbar when entering battle stance.

If you play in Controller Mode, you can set your Cross Hotbars to automatically switch to a different Hotbar whenever you go into battle stance. This frees you up from having to manually switch to the correct hotbar every time you're coming in and out of combat.